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October 24, 2008
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NOTE: If parts of the sleeves disappear or show up when you don't want them -- click on the shirt again to have them show up, or click on the coat to make them invisible.

The first dress up doll in almost a year!

I'm so excited to have this finished. I was literally thinking about this all the time. I even had dreams of assembling and coding.

I always wanted to picture my favorite hero while reading Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer and others. I made this, in hopes other people wanted to as well. And ever since Lost in Austen, I HAD to. Just had to.

So, here it is, as accurate as I could make it, even including those weird cossask pants and ankle trousers, sigh.

I'm no genius at coding -- there were some serious flaws that I tried my best to work around. But my goal was for the guy to look good once all the items were on him (or off, muahaha -- though I gave him a package that rivals the Ken doll). Hopefully it worked!

OH -- And miliary experts, please don't bayonet me -- I have no idea how accurate the guns and uniforms are, I just wanted them to look cool. The army uniform is based off of several Mr. Wickhams -- and I believe the navy uniform is for a naval commander.

If you see any serious mistakes, please let me know! I've stared at it so long I can't tell the difference between a waistcoat and a quizzing glass.

Background Resources:
country landscape: [link] from ~TudorxRose

library: [link] from =CausticStock

ballroom: [link] from ~airless-stock

city street: [link] from ~morbidmongoose

Edit: Fixed vest -- it can move now!



The doll was not intended for kids, though I don't think it's inappropriate. I made it for people who love Regency literature, whether it's Austen or $5 romance novels. Let's face it. Many want to see Mr. Darcy naked. This is a stylized peek at that.

P.S. Men have reproductive organs. I'm not kidding! They really do!
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he lookslike frank churchill from emma!

LOVE the cravats and all the intricate detail and historical value
Hi I have a probably really unreasonable question, but I thought I had to ask. Do you think you could make a combination of the regency hero and heroine? As in, on the same screen? I really adored your female Regency dress up, and I also adore this male on, so... please? :) thanks for the consideration, disregard this comment if it would be too hard
savivi Aug 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
In my head, I've had a dress up doll that involved a romance novel cover hero and heroine together, where you could dress them up in multiple historical periods. Sadly, I don't have any new dress up dolls planned for a while!
Thanks so much for this little game. ;_;
Can I print this, for if I cannot I will be severely disappointed in this backgammon.
Judin Mar 10, 2012  Student Writer
This is really cool. :D
Parbuckles Jan 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I used your dress up game to make that pic [link] I gave you the propper credit you deserve. I hope that's ok with you.
savivi Aug 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Yes, I always appreciate credit. Great texture on the hat. :)
Parbuckles Aug 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
KitakLaw Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Just want to say that I'm having a lot of fun playing around with this - and I'll confess that I've been using it to help me to visualize an OC I've been planning out lately. Most of my knowledge on historical clothing has been from the 18th century, so this is a neat way for me to experiment and learn a little bit about 19th century things.

So, I'm just wondering, for future reference's sake...would you be alright with my saving a copy of something I come up with here in case I want to show my friends and Watchers what my OC looks like?
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